When to Quit

My husband was always saying, "a smart man knows when to quit". I would smile when he said it, but I never really thought about it or understood what he was saying, until now. A smart person does know when to quit, but we aren't always smart about doing it. Knowing when to quit, whether it is a job that has become stale and boring, or a hobby that no longer holds your interest, a volunteer position that you may have held too long, or whatever it is, it is important to leave... at the top of your game, that is the "when". Don't wait for it to become a chore!

Unfortunately, quitting has taken a bad rap. There will be times when quitting is the right thing to do and it's not because you are "giving up", it's because you know you are done and you have given it all you have to give. Perhaps it is time for someone else to grab that task and carry on. Every thing we do brings something to us and gives something to others. When you have given it all you can give and those that receive have received all they can from your efforts, it is time to move to another new adventure! Like an artist with a painting, knowing when to quit is what gives the painting it's beauty.

Folks, it's ok to say, "I quit".  KJ

Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to acceptance.  KJ 

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