A partner for the bumps and curves

No relationship is perfect. That's a fact. What you want is someone who will happily hold your hand and your heart through the bumps and curves life will throw your way. Someone who loves you for who you are and has no desire to make you into 'someone else'. Know that you are worthy of this kind of relationship and settle for nothing less.   Smiles KJ

Better, or Bitter?

Throughout our lives, we will be presented with many obstacles. Some of the obstacles we encounter, we have placed on our own path. Some of the obstacles are thrown there by others. How we handle those obstacles will determine if we become a better person or a bitter person. The choice is always ours and ours alone, regardless of how the obstacle appeared.  We make our own life better or bitter.  Choose wisely!   KJ @ KJ-isms

Your whole world

Your world is the people that surround you, the things that affect your every day life. It is ok, to block out the rest of the world.   Sometimes, we are too connected and we need to detach to refresh! (reboot)      KJ @ KJ-isms

Hardships and Life

In my life experiences, I have found that the worst things that happened brought about the greatest things that happened. I know it is hard to believe (especially while you are going through it), but if most people look back over their life, they will see this is true. Hardships and the ability to weather the storms in life, make us stronger individuals. Those times, cause us to look at ourselves and make changes to adjust to the current situation. In all cases, those changes bring about our next joys. I am saying this now and trying to remind myself of this truth, as I get through one of those "hardships". My mind knows this truth and I am just trying to remind my heart. <3 KJ @ KJ-isms




Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to acceptance.  KJ 

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