Stepping Away

I grew up believing that what others thought was more important than what I thought and lived a good part of my early life trying to please everyone and really, only disappointing myself. I've learned from experience, that if I don't want to be judged for what I choose to do, I cannot judge others for what they choose to do. It is when we step away from what we "think" is right, that we really see what IS right. KJ @ KJ-isms  2016


Love is letting go

If you love somebody, let them go, if they return, they are yours. If they don't return, they were never really yours in the first place. Love isn't a process of holding so tight we cannot lose someone. Love is a process of letting go and finding out who wants to stay. Love isn't a need for another, love is a desire for another.   KJ @ KJ-isms  2017

Love is

Some people have said to me that loving is hard work. I have to disagree. Loving another person is easy. It's not hard at all. All it really takes is a genuine caring for the other person, where that person's wellbeing and feelings are a priority to you. When you care more about that other person than you care about yourself, that's love. When you care for them no matter what issues they have or what they do, well... that is unconditional love. And honestly, if you are caring more about their feelings than your own and they are caring more about your feelings than their own, well that's true love and a wonderfully easy relationship. Relationships and love become hard when we are more concerned about what we are getting out of it and that's not what real love is.

Love isn't about what you get, it's about what you give. KJ @ KJ-isms 2017

What we Leave Behind

All we leave behind us when we go, is what we have lovingly given away. Never be afraid to give, even when you believe you don't have it to give. Give anyway. We take nothing with us in the end, so what we give, is how we leave our mark. Leave a loving, generous and kind mark on the world. KJ @ KJ-isms 2017


Captain of your Ship

Alright, what if I told you that you are the designer of your life? What if I said, you don't have to start being the "captain of your ship", that you have been the captain all along? What if I said that everything happening in your life is what you have chosen for yourself? Would you look at the situations in your life differently? Can you see how you have created whatever is taking place? And can you see how you can change it? Yes you do, yes you are and yes you can. KJ @ KJ-isms

Nothing comes from Nothing

Nothing comes without working for it, but life will put things in your path to help you get where you want to go. It is up to you to see those things and recognize how they can help you reach your goals. Coincidences? Perhaps, or maybe they are just tools you have placed along your path for you to find. Keep your eyes and ears open. KJ @ KJ-isms

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Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to acceptance.  KJ 

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