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The life you have is the life you want. And when you want it to be different, you just have to make it different. Some folks might disagree and say, well how do we just "make our life different?". This is how (and the secret is... it is simple!). You are riding down the road, singing a tune from the radio, suddenly someone cuts you off! Here is your opportunity to make your life different, because right there you have a choice. How do you feel about the person who just cut you off? Do you flip them the bird, cuss them out and continue on in anger? Or do you say to yourself, well, that person must need to get somewhere faster than I do, continue singing your song and travel along in happiness? And this is true for every situation in your life. You decide. Bad things happen, good things happen but it's how you perceive it and handle it that makes your life what it is.  Will the situation make you a better person, or a bitter person? You choose.  And that is how you will have the life you want.   KJ @ KJ-isms



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Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to acceptance.  KJ 


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