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It can be a strange world we live in.  One day your life is moving along in one direction, when suddenly it shifts (sometimes in a totally opposite direction).   Mine did that a year and a half ago, though I should have seen it coming.  Often times, even the obvious goes unnoticed until it “happens”.  Now I find myself living a life I never imagined.  Where once there was someone to share everything with, there is now just me.  

I wonder, how is it for others who experience this sudden singleness (is that even a word?).  I guess it is, spellchecker didn’t try to change it.  

You spend a lifetime collecting things, saving money (after all, you do want to eat when you are old), making sure you have what you need and even some luxuries along the way.   It feels great to have these things, because they make one feel a little more secure.  Of course, you may think that having these things also brings you joy.  But once that special someone is gone, you realize it was sharing them and not having them that brought joy.   It makes me wonder what the lessons are here, because I truly believe everything that happens is for a reason (or a lesson).  I’m still trying to find that lesson for myself.  I know I will, but it’s going to take a lot more thought!

When I think about it all, I realize just how different we all are, but also how similar.  Nothing about us is the same, except we experience the same situations in life.   How we look at them and how we react to them differs based on what we perceive is taking place.  Perhaps that is the lesson, perhaps it is not what is happening, but how one looks at what is happening.  Thinking out loud here.   Well, not actually out loud, more like thinking on paper here.

Sometimes I just like to dump my thoughts out here into the universe (the internet, it’s as close to the universe as I can get) and someday, I will come back and read it again.   Because every thought I share, helps me understand just a bit more about life in general and my life as well.

I seem to be a “stream of conscience” writer, which means to me, that I just write whatever pops in my head at the moment.  Sometimes that works and it makes sense, other times it doesn’t always do that.   But, I think we are all here for love, whether that is a close relationship or not.  Give love, get love and learn what love is all about.  Some say why? I say, why not!

  KJ @ KJ-isms

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