When we go, our love stays!

I stopped by the office where I used to work and while there, I was reminded of something.  My Dad.

He passed away in 1991, he has been gone for 27 years.   All this time, I have thought that my dad was truly gone.   But, today, standing in my former office, a friend showed me that my Dad is still very much here.

We were chatting about photography (a hobby of mine) and as we were chatting, my friend pulled his wallet out of his pocket.   He reached inside and retrieved a photograph.   I smiled with recognition of the “style” of the black and white photo as he held it out.  It was a photo of my friend when he was a small child.  He spoke with joy as he told me how my Dad had taken that photo and the many other photos of his family, over the years.  He even recalled how some of the photos at his home had my Dad’s name embossed in gold, on the corner.

My Dad was a local professional photographer, who took numerous families photographs over the years.

In that moment, as he held that photo in his hand, my Dad was very much still here!  Photographs are one of the many cherished family items that get passed down from generation to generation.  My Dad will be here for generations to come, as his work is passed from one hand to the next. 

You may believe that you do not leave anything behind when you go, but we all do.   My Dad left his love in the photographs he took and shared.   How will you leave your love behind when it’s your time to leave?  We all have “gifts” or talents (if you prefer), sharing yours can be the love you leave behind. 

It seems to me that none of the love we give is ever, really and truly gone.    KJ @ KJ-isms

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