The secret to a successful relationship is communication.
The secret to successful communication is to really LISTEN.

Get up, go out and enjoy the amazing world around you.

To move ahead, you need to let go of what is behind you.

Sometimes the simplest of truths is the hardest to find.

Our destination is certain, what we can determine is our journey.

There is no one season for kindness. Kindness is an every day adventure.

There is always hope and where there is love, there is always a way.

To be admired by one's peers, is the highest compliment one can receive.

In life we often take two steps back in order to take three steps ahead. Sometimes steps backward are actually progress.

Sometimes you learn from what is said or done. Sometimes you learn more from what is not said or not done.

In a healthy relationship you want someone in your life. In an unhealthy relationship you need them in your life!

It is hypocritical to want freedom for yourself and yet deny freedom to another, regardless of the other's viewpoint!

   Quotes and KJisms.   Live positively!

Share the best of you with the best of others and change the world in which we live.

I am sure about at least one thing. You cannot have too much positive in your life.


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Education leads to understanding. Understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to acceptance.  KJ 


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